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I truly believe that God brings people into our lives for a special reason and my dear friend Amanda is one of those special people. I met Amanda 5 years ago when we were living in Brisbane. Amanda exudes absolute joy and carries the love of the Father. She is so much fun to be around and imparts the heart of God everywhere she goes. We were so blessed to have travelled on a missions trip to the Phillipines and were so impacted by all that God did.

Amanda is a beautiful prophet who carries and releases the heart of the Father! She founded a wonderful online community of 2000 people called "Practicing the Prophetic". I was so honoured and blessed to have been interviewed by Amanda right in the middle of a pandemic. It was refreshing to share the Father's heart and also the journey of Kairos Creative Studio. You can watch the interview below. I pray you are encouraged and that Holy Spirit speaks to you through the interview.

You're most welcome to join her online community on Facebook here

Here is how her community began:

"Many people ask me my heart for this group, how it started and where I see it going.. it started a little over a year ago, I knew God spoke to me through journaling, songs I would wake up to, scripture etc but I didn’t know he wanted to speak through me, I had the confidence to lay hands on the sick and see them get healed but to release a word was so terrifying, because it is attached to destiny, I was afraid of getting it wrong... but I’ve learnt when you focus on love you can never be wrong, when you focus on accuracy you forget about love (prophet Gary Morgan)
So I started this group so that my friends and I would practice the prophetic together and I would go live and share the testimonies on what God did and my friends started stepping out and releasing words of encouragement to others too after doing that for 5 months God gave me a vision I would raise up prophets and prophetic voices, I saw many white owls With rainbow 🌈 ribbons in their beaks form a circle and out of that circle came eagles 🦅 which formed an inner circle and an arc come out of the circle, I saw God on His throne with many angels holding what looked like sceptres, I had the impression he had something for me, I saw out of the arc came a sword. (That is why the logo for this group is a circle with a sword)
I asked my prophet friend Jake Bullard who does dream/vision interpretation for a consultation, he did it over my first ever live interview so that many could understand that God speaks powerfully through dreams and visions and I asked him many questions about how to understand this incredible way God speaks. God continued to open opportunities for me to speak to the forerunners in the prophetic and interview them regarding the way God speaks to them, you can watch all these interviews on when you subscribe you will be able to catch the ones you’ve missed on this page"


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  • I’m so honoured by your post, it was such an honour to have you come minister, I love and honour all the Lord is doing through your ministry and family. Your obedient yes became your launching pad to impacting so many women especially me. I so admire and look up to you and the way you Are calling women higher by surrendering all they are and hope to be and becoming all God has designed them to be. You align women to their God given design 💖

    Amanda Jane on

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