We are so blessed to receive testimonies of how your kairos jewellery pieces have blessed you and how God has spoken to you through them. In our studio we have a wall of testimonies, this wall is a constant reminder of why we do what we do.

Here are some of the testimonies that we have received and are able to share with you. 

"Marianne displayed nothing short of amazing customer service. There was an issue with post delivery / theft and she so graciously provided a solution. Her excellence was experienced throughout the whole process, from first placing my order, to the back and forth communication, and then to receiving my (amazing) order (which Marianne made again for me!!)
All a testament to Marianne's gorgeous character and way of operating her business, Kairos Creative Studio. x" - Charlene, Melbourne

“I have always followed Kairos Creative Studio, for a while now and have always gushed over her beautiful pieces but moreso the word and blessings @mariannepetersen._ shares through every piece. I know @jamade_mariner asked Kairos to pray over a piece for me but I have no idea what else was said. It came in the mail today and in the necklace it's stamped 'she believes', on the back of the You're Amazing card is a Godly message that speaks to me so deeply, especially of where I am in this point of my life. Thank you @kairoscreativestudio. The craft and work you do speaks volumes and I pray for eternal blessings over your craft, your business and your family” - Beaudene 

"Thank you for the message! We don't know each other and have never met till today BUT WOW! God is truly amazing! You have basically dotted my I's and crossed my t's with every single word you had written to us in the card! From the moment I saw the card I welled up! Before I could read what God had impressed on your heart for us I had to stop I was already in tears! Everything that was written in this card is EXACTLY what we have been thru and have or are now slowly receiving our breakthrough! When we thought it was forgotten about God moves! Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelets and thank you so much for your heart!"

 "Truly amazing & God-sent! Such a timely daily reminder when I look at my beautiful gifts. Not only are the words uplifting & encouraging but covered in prayer. Perfect timing for one of the most challenging times in my life but these powerful words, helped keep my faith to Trust in Him to "Let Go & Let God"

"I honestly have no words to express the way I’m feeling right now! I LOVE MY NECKLACE! I couldn’t stop crying reading your letter Marianne & I wanna thank you so much! Your encouragement was so much needed & I am so grateful! Your work is so beautiful & I love it! I am so thankful that I have one of your creations! Many will say & think that it’s just a necklace with a few words engraved on it but it’s so much more! Your prayers & love that has been poured onto your work, I felt it! And I’m so blessed! All I pray is that Our God blesses you & your business X10 fold! That your business expands greater & greater so that this world can & will know & see the beauty in God’s work. Love you guys! From the owner of a new & fabulous necklace"