Stepping out in obedience!

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I remember for a full year in 2018 God challenged me to step out in obedience to everything He would ask me to do. Let's just say I was nervous not only about the commitment for a full year of radical obedience but also what He could potentially ask me to step out into at any given moment.

You will not be surprised that it was one of the most impactful year of my life! I did the most amazing things, met amazing people, grew in my faith and into this lifestyle of obedience.

God really taught me that obedience isn't a once off thing but that it is truly a lifestyle. The overflow of that year still overflows into the now! All of this to say, I have stepped out in obedience again quietly, with Herald Communications.

I have been blessed to have experienced just over a decade, starting and launching businesses! I love the excitement and the whole building process of a start up businesses. There is something about birthing something new into the world. This passion went to a whole new level when Kairos Creative Studio was launched and in the building of this kingdom business. 

Herald Communications came out of my time of prayer and soaking with God. I heard the name Herald Communications and instantly saw the logo! I knew that the purpose of HC would be to help kingdom entrepreneurs with the message that God had given them to share!

I literally jumped on my computer and began to design this logo and within a couple of weeks, I knew in my heart that this was a God idea.

Here is a little more about Herald Communications;

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about business especially faith based start-up businesses. There is something inspiring about the journey that God takes you on from the conception of the idea, to planning and building from the Kingdom Blueprint through to launching a new Kingdom Business into the world. These businesses were created with the very DNA of the Kingdom and are called to have a significant impact on and in the world around us.

We believe that behind every Kingdom Business is a Messenger and in the heart of every Messenger is a ‘Message’ that needs to be shared, whether that is through their products and services or through the story they are called to tell. So often the message can be buried under these products and services, or not given the attention it requires in the planning and building phase. This message needs to be drawn out, brought to the forefront, given clarity and expressed through the exact language to truly express the heart of why the Kingdom Business exists.

Isaiah 52:7 in The Passion Translation says “What a beautiful sight to behold— the precious feet of the messenger coming over the mountains to announce good news! He comes to refresh us with wonderful news, announcing salvation to Zion and saying, “Your Mighty God reigns!”

Through every Kingdom Business, the Good News is shared in a variety of different yet unique expressions individual to the Messenger and the purpose of the business itself. Herald Communications exists to help Kingdom Entrepreneurs draw out and express this unique God-given message so the whole world can hear it and be deeply impacted by it.

Our services have been designed to serve Kingdom Entrepreneurs just like you and are purposed to see Isaiah 52:7 come to life through Kingdom Businesses locally and globally in a world that needs to hear the Good News more than ever!

Let us help you rise up as the Messenger you have been called to be, for such a time as this!

If you are a Kingdom Entrepreneur or are looking to launch your own kingdom business and need help with your messaging, copy etc... please visit our sister kingdom business

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