Our Story

Welcome to Kairos Creative Studio! 
Hi, I'm Marianne. I am a passionate creative, bookworm and a word girl (you guessed it my love language is 'words of affirmation'), a Pastor, Principal, Kingdom Entrepreneur and Mentor but above all of this a disciple of Jesus. Together with my husband Edwin and our two precious sons, we live in the Brisbane, Queensland.
Kairos Creative Studio birthed out of a very challenging season for us, where the promises of God and the reality of life didn't quite match up. It really caused me to doubt that I had actually heard from God and that rocked me to my core. 
During this season, God invited me on a journey of creativity and began to minister to me through his Word. You see, in 2017 I was invited to speak at a women's session for a church camp and I wanted to gift the women with something that would remind them of the message that God had put on my heart to share so I hand stamped 50 key rings with two words - 'Created & Crowned'
Little did I know, that during this challenging season God would use those same tools that made those key rings to bring me up and out of the valley, out from a place of discouragement and uncertainty. God encouraged me to pick up my hammer and a set of letter stamps and begin to stamp his Word on bracelet cuffs as a reminder of his promises for my life.
I began to learn what it looked like to hold on to his Word. I began to understand from the depths of my being that all his promises are YES and AMEN in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20), that his Word would never return to him empty but it would go out and achieve the purpose for which he sent it (Isaiah 55:11). I began to let my walls down and allow his Words to 'encourage, uplift and strengthen' me from the inside out. Hope began to fill my heart and joy began to bubble up inside of me. 
In September 2018, in faith I partnered with God to start Kairos Creative Studio with a few tools in my hand and with a firm belief that God's word transforms our world. Kairos is a greek word which means the perfect, delicate, crucial moment, the fleeting rightness of time and place that create the opportune atmosphere for action, words and movement.
Despite battling fear of the unknown, of what people would say and the possibility of failing (not to mention I was 7 months pregnant), I decided to choose FAITH over fear, not just once but daily. I decided to take God at his word, after all, it was what he was teaching me. 
I knew that the moment I said "YES" to God's invitation to embark with him on this journey was a KAIROS moment. It was my kairos moment; a perfect, delicate, crucial moment, the fleeting rightness of time and place that created the opportune atmosphere for action, words and movement. 
What God did for me in that season, I believe he wants to do for YOU or for someone you love. I believe our mission is to 'encourage, uplift and strengthen people in every season with God's word'.
The truth is that we will go through challenging seasons, we will come up against opposition, we will find ourselves in the valleys BUT God is forever faithful. He loves us and his promise is that he will never leave us nor forsake us.
Since September, when I took the leap of faith I have seen God do absolutely amazing things. I have seen him move so powerfully in the lives of many. I have witnessed one simple word stamped on a piece of jewellery break a season of despair and hopelessness. I have heard testimony after testimony of people being reminded of God's promise for their lives and aligning themselves to the truth of his Word. I am so excited to see what he has planned for this year and the years to come!
Our vision is to create collections of hand stamped jewellery and gifts that capture the heartbeat of Heaven. Each piece is made with love, covered in prayer and inspired by Scripture. Our mission is to encourage, uplift and strengthen people in every season of life through our pieces. Every piece is made to order and hand stamped letter by letter with love.
You can choose to personalise your piece or request a prophetic piece (You can personalise your piece with a name, quote, special date etc. And a prophetic piece is where I pray and partner with the Holy Spirit to bring you a word/scripture that I can hand stamp on your piece). We have received so many testimonies from our prophetic pieces of how encouraged and timely this word was.
I could never have asked or imagined that I would get to do what I do today but God! Thank you for being a special part of my God-story! I pray that it encourages you wherever you may be on your journey. I believe that God longs to speak to you and he wants to remind you of his promises for you. I hope we get to chat or meet, I would love to hear your God-story! God has an amazing plan and purpose for your life! The only question is, will you say YES?
God bless you.
Love Marianne xo

Marianne is an ordained Pastor, Pioneer, Visionary, Speaker, Kingdom Entrepreneur and Mentor. Alongside hand stamping prophetic jewellery, she is the Founder and Principal of Her Harvest Global Academy​, and through the academy she trains and equips women to build Kingdom Businesses, Movements and Ministries.

Her heart is to see women grow in their intimacy with Jesus and her mission is to activate, mentor and mobilise women to walk in the fullness of their identity and purpose unapologetically. She is blessed to serve as the Pastor of Promise Land Mission Centre.

Marianne has had the honour of speaking at women's conferences and events. She is blessed to teach within a local church context. Her heart is to see people experience the Father’s heart, encounter Jesus and be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. She is known for her prophetic and heart-felt messages that strengthen and encourage people in every season of life. 

In August 2021, Marianne Petersen was appointed as an Ambassador of The Deborah Conference. Marianne has been a speaker at many TDC’s conferences and has been led by God to connect into the vision and heart of all that the Deborah Conference is mandated to outwork across the nations https://thedeborahconference.com/leadership/