2021 - A Year of Divine Partnership

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In my quiet time with the Lord last week, I felt He impress a word of encouragement for 2021. I have to say, that this word of encouragement brought deep encouragement and excitement for what is to come this year. I went live on my Instagram and shared this word with my beautiful community and a number of amazing women messaged telling me how encouraged they were and for a lot of these women, it had confirmed what they had heard the Father say in their quiet time with Him. How amazing is God! If you want to watch the live, head over to our Instagram account (@kairoscreativestudio).

I wanted to share the word here as a blog post and pray that it encourages who ever may read it. 


I heard the Lord say this year is literally your 'For such a time as this' year. This verse from Esther 4:14 has been shared, and spoken of so much so that sometimes these words can lose its weight and value. I felt the Father really emphasise the importance to never let these words become just words. 

There are specific things that the Lord has planned, purposed and willed FOR THIS YEAR! There are specific things that need to take place, specific things that need to be birthed and specific things that need to die this year. Heaven is waiting... The Father is waiting to partner with His children. He is waiting to partner with you and I.

He showed me a picture of His hand, and I want you to picture this for a moment. The hands of the Father reaching out, waiting for you to put your hand in His.

Divine partnership requires humility, surrendering of our plans to take a hold of His. It requires a 'YES LORD' radical type of obedience!

Proverbs 16:9-11 in The Passion Translation says 'Within your heart you can make plans for your future BUT the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there".

2021 is one year out of a whole lifetime of years. It is one moment in a collection of moments. The Father is reminding us to look at the bigger context of the year and what He wants to do in it. 

For some of us, He has been preparing us for this divine partnership with Him, for some of us we may have been in hiding or running away. For some of us, we have been afraid, scared, doubting and then there are some of us who have been looking and seeking affirmation and confirmation from others of what He has already shown you. 

Psalm 139:16 says 'The number of days, you have planned for me were recorded in your book'. I believe these days that are recorded in His book contain within them certain things that He has planned and purposed. He has assigned you and appointed these times to see certain and specific things come to pass.

The greatest example of Divine Partnership is Jesus and the Father.

The Father had a plan to redeem and save humanity and Jesus was a big part of that plan. Wherever there is a divine plan, there is a divine invitation for divine partnership! 

Not because God is not capable, He is more than capable. God is God and He can do an amazing job all by himself without having us come and mess up His plans. I love that He is a relationship God, He wants to partner with us. 

The greatest words that capture the heart of a Divine Partnership is from Luke 22:42 "NOT MY WILL, BUT YOURS BE DONE"

Will these words echo from our lips this year?

The Lord highlighted 3 simple yet essential parts for a Year of Divine Partnership;

1. MAKE ROOM: Make room for Him this year. Leave our excuses in 2020, all the excuses and reasons why we don't have enough time. We need to make time to nurture and cultivate our secret place. 

2. CAPTURE HIS HEART: God loves a good conversation with His children. We make room for Him in order to be with Him and to capture His heart. As we converse with Him, we can 'capture' His heart by journalling what He is saying. Now, if you're not a fan of journalling you're most welcome to try voice recording on your phone or find other creative ways to capture His heart and what He is saying to you. 

3. WALK IN OBEDIENCE: Walk in obedience to what He is saying. What is the next practical step of obedience? If you're not sure ask Him! Ask the Lord for the next practical steps! Obedience isn't just a word or an idea, it is an invitation to follow Him. We don't need to know the next 10 steps, just the next step. 

Now I want you to catch this, Divine Partnerships will be fulfilling, exciting, nerve racking, strengthening but IT WILL COST YOU... Anything that will cost us, is worth it! 

Say YES to His invitations of divine partnerships throughout this year. There will be moments of divine decisions/divine kairos moments where heaven opens a window of time for an opportunity for you to step into. Your YES will matter this year, more than ever! Make sure our YES counts and our YES is to where God wants us to be and what He is calling us to do. In order to say yes to God, we will need to say NO to some things.

Remember that God isn't looking for extraordinary people who are extraordinarily gifted and talented. He is looking for just ordinary people He can trust with His heart. He is looking for someone just like you and I, who He can partner with. 

ACTIVATION: Make room for God this week to listen to what is on His heart. Capture His heart and write it down. Ask Him what is your next practical step. Ask Him how you can walk out what He has shown you and when it is time, take that step of obedience. 

No doubt this year will have its challenges, valleys to walk through and mountains to climb but as we fix our eyes on Jesus and say YES to His invitation for Divine Partnership, we will be in for a real adventure. One that we will never forget!

Are you ready?


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