She finds freedom in her surrender

Posted by Marianne Petersen on

How often do we hold onto the very things God asks us to surrender. Our surrender lovingly leads us into our freedom. To live in freedom means to live in a state of not being imprisoned or enslaved and yet too often fear stops us from letting go and letting God.

What would we be willing to surrender in exchange for freedom if we knew that our hearts were safe with God? What would we be willing to break free from if we knew He had us in the palm of His hands?

I hear the Father say β€œBefore the year closes, surrender to Me. Surrender the heart ache and pain, surrender to me your disappointments, surrender to me the broken pieces of 2020. Find freedom in your surrender in any given moment, whenever you are willing, knowing that your heart is safe with Me. I am kind. I am gentle. Let me love you back to life.

Release to Me the burden and weight you carry in your hands and in your heart, so that I can plant new seeds of Hope. I am not finished yet! Wait and see! Freedom awaits you...” πŸ•Š

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