Prophetic Jewellery


We love that God still speaks to us today. His word brings joy, healing, transformation and truth into our our seasons. We believe that God is always speaking to us. Matthew 4:4 says 'Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

He wants to speak life, truth and encouragement over us and we believe that He loves to speak through our prophetic Kairos Jewellery pieces. Prophetic pieces have been the most requested orders and most loved by our precious customers. We  love that they are able to 'WEAR & DECLARE' his word and truth! It is a daily reminder of his promises.

It is our greatest joy and honour to seek the Holy Spirit for a special word and scripture for you at this time. Simply choose the style of jewellery you love, we will then pray for a word (and scripture) for you and then hand stamp the word/scripture on your piece for you.

Every prophetic piece comes with a handwritten word of encouragement explaining your word and scripture.

We have received countless testimonies from our prophetic pieces and we can't help but be filled with joy knowing that someone has heard and received confirmation from the heart of the Father.




We are so honoured to have made 4000+ prophetic pieces since we first opened and are constantly blown away by the heart of the Father for His children. In every season, He desires to speak life and hope over us and remind us of His promises. 

We are often asked what the prophetic process looks like when we hand stamp your prophetic pieces. Our process is the same whether we are hand stamping a personalised or prophetic piece.

Before any piece is stamped, we set up our bench and then we play worship or soaking music and begin to pray. Prayer becomes praise and worship, we love being in God’s presence and asking Him what is on His heart. When we feel its time, we then start praying over an order and for the person the piece is for. We will ask for a word and a bible verse. We then begin to hand stamp the word or bible verse on the piece. Sometimes the bible verse is the inspiration for what is hand stamped on the piece. Each order is made with love, covered in prayer and inspired by Scripture. We go through this process for every order, if it is a personalised piece, we pray for the person and also over the piece and then hand stamp the requested word or bible verse on the piece. 

Each order is then placed on a jewellery backing card and packed. A note of encouragement is handwritten for each order and then set aside. Once all the orders for that session is complete, we wrap the orders in our famous pink tissue and ribbon, place a Kairos Creative Studio sticker on it and it’s ready to be packed into a postal envelope. 

We love the process from beginning to end and are so blessed we get to do what we do! What blesses us the most is when our precious customers email (and some have even handwritten a card or letter) us to let us know how much they love their piece and how God spoke to them through their kairos jewellery piece. Thank you for each and every order! We are forever grateful we get to hand stamp your special pieces!

If you would like to let us know how God has spoken to you through your piece, please email us at or tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@kairoscreativestudio) to be featured on our social media page.  



1. Head over to our ‘Shop Now’ page and choose the style you feel drawn to or would like

2. Select the colour (silver, gold or rose gold), chain length and style

3. Add to cart

There will be a ‘Special Instructions’ box where you can let us know if you would like your piece to be personalised or request a prophetic piece. If you would like your piece to be personalised, let us know what you would like to hand stamped on your piece. If you would like to request a prophetic piece, let us know. 

If your order is a gift, let us know who it is for. By knowing their name, we will be able to pray for them specifically. If there are any extra details you would like to include, (for example; occasion, reason for this piece etc) pop it into the box for us.