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Today was a crazy day, our container arrived and we have started packing it with all the things we will be sending ahead of us to Brisbane. It has been quite the journey in this season of transition, not only externally but internally.

There was a lot of reflecting today in the midst of packing and I have to admit, that it's like 'ACCELERATION' has broken out over us and things are beginning to move so quickly! Have you been feeling it too? We are literally a couple of weeks before the end of NOVEMBER! And before we know it, we will be in 2022! I don't know about you, but I really believe 2022 is going to be a significant year! 

I wanted to share with you, that God repositioning us in Brisbane is for a reason, for many reasons actually, but one of the reasons is related to what I am about to share with you. As I sit in our almost empty office/studio space, typing out this email to you after midnight, I can't help but feel Him sitting right next to us. There is an excitement and anticipation!

I shared in an email that what I was going to share with you, is something that God has allowed me to carry for almost a DECADE and it is soon time to birth! I shared that this is Kairos Creative Studio's BABY SISTER, something special that will run beautifully alongside Kairos Creative Studio but will also stand on her own; carrying her own mission and mandate.

What has overflowed from our hand stamped jewellery, words of encouragements and our mission to uplift, strengthen and encourage people in every season with God's Word and heart - has been such an overflow of seeing God Restore Women in their Identity and Release them into their Purpose! This became evident in how God has been moving within our courses, community, challenges and mentoring. I realised that restoring Women in their Identity & Releasing them into their Purpose is needed more than ever in this New Era! What I am about to share is a BRIDGE for women to cross over from Kairos Creative Studio into THEIR NEXT STEP, into MORE

It is the bridge from Identity into PURPOSE!



For almost a decade, God had planned and purposed for Her Harvest Global Academy to begin in 2022!

Now more than ever, the harvest fields are calling and IT IS TIME TO ANSWER THE CALL!!!

With all the chaos and shaking that has taken place over the ages, especially in these last two years, there is a fresh invitation for faith-filled women to answer the call to be raised up and released into the Harvest Fields. We need to see the Kingdom take over the earth like never before! Every sphere of society needs KINGDOM WOMEN, KINGDOM PIONEERS to take their place and have the impact and influence they have been called to. 

This is for women who know they have been called to lead and influence and will no longer be held back or be intimidated by a title. This is for women who are carrying something in their spiritual womb and know they have been called to make a difference and an impact for Jesus. This is for women who are ready to build God's way! This is for women who don't want to take shortcuts and are ready to be activated, mentored, equipped and mobilised! This is for women who are ready for God to reposition them in this end time harvest! This is for women who know that 2022 is the YEAR everything will change for them! This is for women who are willing to answer the call!!! THIS IS FOR YOU! 

Her Harvest Global Academy is a place to find community, be equipped & trained, be activated & mentored, to be mobilised into the harvest fields. This is for women who know they are called to build and launch Kingdom Businesses, Movements and Ministries. More importantly to build and launch God's way! Whether you have no idea, some idea or a blueprint - this is for you! This is also for women who may have already launched a Kingdom Business, Movement or Ministry but feel God's call to revisit the foundations and rebuild God's way.

Over almost a decade, I have spoken to countless women of faith who know they are called to something but they are unable to work out what it is. Years go by, and the same conversation takes place. They are heavily pregnant but don't know where to start. They don't have a safe place to birth. They don't have anyone who understands them or is willing to do the journey with them. COUNTLESS WOMEN! My heart aches all the time, because God's heart for them is to birth what they have been carrying. I believe with all my heart that this is resonating with a number of you! This has been your hearts cry! This has been your prayer for many years!

God is raising up a company of Kingdom Pioneers who are called to build and launch true Kingdom Businesses, Movements and Ministries!!! The world needs what you carry inside your spiritual womb sister! God needs what He has put inside you to be birthed into the earth in 2022!! The Pioneering Journey can be lonely BUT it doesn't have to be! True Kingdom Pioneers are unafraid of running alongside other Kingdom Pioneers. Kingdom Pioneers are unafraid of doing the journey with others and with a Kingdom Mentor who will love, challenge and draw out God's best from within them!! There is a NEW breed of Kingdom Pioneers being birthed in this New Era! Is this you?

If you have been praying to be a part of the solution of what you see happening around our world, this is your answer to prayer! You are invited to be a part of The Her Harvest Global Academy at such a significant moment in history! You are being invited to make history as the first students who will go through our academy training. 2022 is your DESTINY year, don’t let this kairos moment escape you! Don’t let fear stop you!

I will be hosting an INFORMATION NIGHT on Monday 29th November 2021 at 7:30pm (AEDT, Melbourne time).

During our Information Night, I will be sharing about;

  • The heart and story behind the Her Harvest Global Academy
  • Our Vision and Mission
  • Important Dates
  • Our Curriculum
  • What you can expect through out your one year of training
  • Your community and Kingdom Mentors
  • Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony
  • Her Harvest Global Network for Alumni
  • And so much more!

You can register for our Information Night below and you will receive an email with all the details and link for the night. It is going to be an amazing night and you can expect God will stir your heart for what He has for you in 2022! I want to encourage you to pray and seek God for what this coming year looks like for you and if you are being called to journey with us in the Academy! Our website will be going live and our enrolments will be opened right after the Information Night!!!

I am so so excited for what is to come and I am excited for the Kingdom Pioneers that we will get to run with in 2022! Can't wait to see you for our Information Night!! You are so loved and called, for such a time as this!

To register for our information night, please click here

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