Will you sit in the stillness and capture My heart Child?

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Hi friend,

How are you? How has your year been so far?

I pray that you have been well and that your year has been going well also.

I wanted to share something I have been going through and ask if it is just me?

As we fast approached February I realised that it is so easy to run with the days and the months BUT what if for some of us, there is a lingering invitation to continue to BE STILL? These past four weeks, I have felt the Lord inviting me back to go deeper into what it truly means to capture the heartbeat of Heaven and why more than ever it matters. To capture the heartbeat of Heaven isn't just a tagline for Kairos Creative Studio, it is a mandate and a message that the Father whispered in the stillness just a couple of years ago.

Capturing the heartbeat of Heaven requires stillness.

I've been hearing the Father ask “Will you sit in the stillness and capture My heart child?

The kind of stillness that is uncomfortable. The kind of stillness that requires a laying down of everything else for the moment. The kind of stillness that invites us deeper and deeper. The kind of stillness that leads us to His heart. This is where He is calling you…

I have been so inspired by many amazing women of God that surround me and to witness all that they are doing as we enter into February. As inspired as I have been, I felt this pressure rise up, the pressure to get up and run. Following the pressure came these thoughts challenging me, “What are you doing with yourself, come on it’s already February!”, “How come you haven’t started on anything yet?”, “Before you know it, it will be December and you haven’t done anything”…

I know the pressure didn’t come from these amazing women and I know for certain that the pressure didn’t come from the Lord. It wasn’t until I felt the pressure and felt challenged by these thoughts, that my peace was interrupted.

Up until then, I had peace about being still and taking as long as I needed (and more importantly as long as the Lord needed) to sit in the stillness and lean in. To be honest with you, there was such a wrestle happening deep inside of me. There was a part of me that just wanted to get up and run to get the ball rolling on the plans I believe God has for this year. BUT the pull to REMAIN was far greater and so much stronger.

As I have continued to remain in the stillness, as uncomfortable as it has been at times, I noticed the pressure begin to subside. The questions began to fade away and before I knew it, as I remained in the stillness, peace returned to my heart. As I have been sitting in the stillness with the Lord, He continues to whisper and show me things that I know without a shadow of a doubt I would have missed if I was running right now! 

I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that this may be what a lot of 2021 may look like for me. And you know what? I am totally okay with it. I know that it won't always be easy because it is counter-cultural and if I'm totally honest, quite opposite to my quiet 'GO-GETTER' nature. Which by the way He has really refined over the past 8 years. Lol. I sense that in the midst of putting my hands to what He has called me to this year and being a good steward, I feel this is GOD'S PACE for my race this year and definitely in this season. What is God's pace for you friend?

Have you been experiencing the same or a similar wrestle within?

Can I encourage you (and maybe give you permission) to be obedient to the pull to remain?

Can I encourage you to choose to surrender rather than to fight or wrestle with it?

Can I encourage you to choose to be obedient when it would be easier to get up and run?

Can I encourage you to choose to celebrate those around you who are doing wonderful things for the Lord in this season and not let it disturb your peace or give you a case of FOMO?

Can I encourage you to choose find your flow and ride this new rhythm and routine He is calling YOU to?

Here are a few questions I've been pondering and hope it helps you as much as it has helped me;

  1. What is Jesus calling me to right now? What has He asked me to pick up and to lay down? Ask Him why this is important?
  2. Is it challenging to do what He is calling me to? If so, why might that be?
  3. Write down thoughts and pressures that you may be experiencing
  4. Sit with Holy Spirit and ask Him to reveal where these pressures and thoughts are coming from and why.
  5. Ask Holy Spirit to speak truth over these thoughts and pressures (ask Him to lead you to Bible Verses you can declare over yourself in this season)
  6. Find freedom and peace as you surrender to what Jesus is calling you to right now in this season. This is God's pace for your race in this season!
  7. Share with someone close what you have been experiencing and what the Lord shared with you. Process your thoughts and feelings in a safe place

I pray that as you continue to lean into Jesus and sit in the stillness, that you would capture His heart. I pray that you would capture what He is wanting to say to you right now, in this season. I pray that He will show you wonderful things that you don’t know of yet. I pray that His peace would wash over the pressure. I pray that you will remain right where He needs you to be.

We don’t know what 2021 holds for us friend, but what we will find comfort in is that He holds us. Remain in Him. 

With so much love and prayer, Marianne x



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