What type of prophetic vision does God have for me?

Posted by Marianne Petersen on

I heard the Lord say...

"The type of prophetic vision I have for my Daughters is the LIFE-CHANGING, CULTURE-SHAPING, HEAVEN-TOUCHING-EARTH TYPE OF VISION!"

He was speaking to me about how the prophetic vision He has for our lives will always have an impact and overflow into the lives of those around us, whether that be our family and friends, workplace, schools, community, neighbourhood, businesses, and even the spheres of influences that He has called us ALL to.

A prophetic vision from God is guaranteed to be BIGGER THAN US! That is what makes following Jesus such an adventure. If the vision God has for us does not have an overflowing impact on the lives of others, if it doesn't challenge us, scare us or draw us out of our comfort zones, if it doesn't grow us and bring us closer to Him, than is it really a God-Vision?

The prophetic vision God has for your life sister will not only change your life but the lives around you, it will shape culture, it will bring heaven to earth... it will echo throughout all of eternity! HALLELUJAH!

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