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Over Christmas and New Year the Lord was speaking to me about vision and how important it is to be a woman who walks with vision, but not any vision... HIS CLEAR PROPHETIC VISION for my life. He was pressing heavy on my heart that there was a company of women who have carried the weight of 2020 over into 2021 unknowingly, they felt stuck and stagnant, they were wandering around in circles and felt a little lost.

These women were praying and crying out for clarity and direction from the Lord, they were women who were ready for all God had for them this year and they deeply desired to walk in clarity and in alignment to God’s prophetic vision for their lives.

I've had a number of conversations earlier on in the year that confirmed that it was what was taking place and we weren't alone. I thought I was the only one that was experiencing this! These women were hungry and ready to walk into ALL that God had for them, they were ready to receive this new vision He had for them. 

As I continued to lean in and press into the Lord, He began to reveal to me the blueprint for a 5 Day Challenge. A Challenge that I did not anticipate on hosting by the way. I was saving myself for our annual Reset Challenge! lol. 

How many of us know that when God speaks, there is an invitation to partner with Him. That is exactly what I did. I emailed my community via email and share it on social media and the response was overwhelming. Many women came forward and shared their seasons and that they too were experiencing the exact same thing! I cried! Thank you Jesus!!!

Here is the email that was sent...

If you are ready to get unstuck, ready to receive your vision upgrade, ready to move forward in power and walk in conviction, ready to walk undistracted and in alignment to the heartbeat of Heaventhen this challenge is for you! It is so important now more than ever to have a clear prophetic vision from the Lord. Proverbs 29:18 tells us that where there is no clear prophetic vision, people quickly wander astray. Sometimes the vision we live by and hold onto are old visions or they are visions that others have given us. God is doing a NEW THING this year and He wants to give YOU a clear prophetic vision for 2021!
‘She Walks with Vision’ is a declaration. It is God’s heart for His daughters. I see a company of women walking with conviction. I see a company of women who are walking unwavering to the clear prophetic vision God has given her. I see a company of women who are not distracted by the things of this world but have their eyes fixed on Jesus.
This is a free challenge that will take place on Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February 2021 at 9:30am AEDT (Melbourne time) through our private Facebook group. Over the 5 days, I will be going live every day and sharing more about how we can be women who walk with prophetic vision, there will be daily activation assignments and I'll be sharing a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the challenge that I won't be sharing outside of the challenge until later on in the year. This announcement will be for the women who will be joining us for the 5 days.
We will;
• Discover what the difference is between a vision and a clear prophetic vision
• Seek God for a clear prophetic vision for 2021 and unpack this vision
• Discover how to take the prophetic vision and apply it as a prophetic vision ‘frame’ around our lives
• See God restore our ability to dream big with Him this year
• Learn how to prophetically partner with God in what He has shown you
If you would like to hear more about the challenge, click here to watch the LIVE we did this morning on Instagram. If this is speaking to you and you would like to be apart of the challenge, I encourage you to register for the challenge by clicking on the image below. It is going to be an amazing 5 days!
I will be praying for you as we lead into the 5 days, believing that there is great breakthrough for you.
I hope you can join us! If there is a sister in your world that you believe is in need of this challenge, please share this email with her or tell her about the challenge! Can't wait to see you in the group.


And that was the beginning! Over 160 women registered, some even shared that Holy Spirit woke them up in the middle of the night and in some instances, right before the challenge registration was about to close! He prompted them and reminded them to register! Do you want to know the absolutely amazing and crazy thing is? Majority of these women were on a social media fast, some hadn't seen my email. Talk about NOT MISSING OUT! 

Our time together was amazing! God moved in ways we all did not expect and what was the highlight of the challenge, is that we were encountering Jesus powerfully in our quiet time as we worked through the activation assignments with Holy Spirit. 

The Lord challenged us out of our comfort zones, we experienced healing, breakthroughs, provision, answered prayer, spiritual eyes opening, restoration of relationships, rekindling of the fire within our hearts, a new and fresh passion and zeal and literally a resurrection back to life! One woman experience a life-changing resurrection of her heart!

God is forever faithful to His word and His promise! We received fresh prophetic visions for our year and our ability to dream big with God restored! We were stirred for what is possible with God and decided we wouldn't be settling for anything less! We have met the most amazing sisters and have been so inspired by their stories. We have shared our own stories, challenges and breakthroughs. We cried together, laughed together, celebrated each other and all that God has and continues to do. 

Day 5 was a real special session! For those of us who were with us that morning, or watched the replay, together with the Lord (and all of my amazing mid-wives in the virtual room) I birthed something special that I have been carrying for almost a decade - A COMMUNITY with a MANDATE AND MESSAGE!... THE KAIROS COMMUNITY!!!

​I opened up the doors to a community for women who wanted more and had been praying for a faith-filled community and mentor to journey with, to become a Founding Member for the community.

The community was only opened to those who were apart of the 5 Day challenge and I felt it was strategic of the Lord, especially after women had fresh encounters and received their prophetic visions!

It was for women who have been praying for more, for a community, for a safe place they could grow in their intimacy with Jesus, their identity and purpose.

I believe the Lord is wanting to ACTIVATE, MENTOR AND MOBILISE His daughters for the HARVEST through this community! It is so surreal to see a vision the Lord showed me almost a decade ago, be upgraded to a PROPHETIC VISION and be birthed in His kairos timing! He is just amazing!!

We had 20 women say YES to the community and the journey together and it has been a wonderful start since the doors opened. 

I'll share more on the community and the heart in another blog. If you're reading this and thinking that The Kairos Community could be the very space you have been praying for then I want to invite you click on our 'Community' tab and join our waitlist for when we open up again. 

If you were apart of the challenge, I would love to hear from you and hear all that Jesus has done and is doing in your life. 

This journey with Jesus truly is an adventure and walking in obedience to His plans and purposes is a great honour and privilege. 

Love and Blessings,

Marianne x

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