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We are so excited to share that our Mentoring sessions are available in this season!

There has been a tug on my heart that there are women of faith who have been praying for a mentor to journey with in this season, someone who will be a safe place of support and encouragement, to listen and ask questions that will bring clarity and God’s heart to what they are walking through.

What is Mentoring?
Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills, and life experiences to guide another towards reaching their full potential; it is a journey of growth. Mentors listen and act as a sounding board. Mentors ask questions that encourage you to explore different perspectives, what God may be saying and doing and what may be at the core of what you are experiencing. Mentors will lovingly challenge you to come up higher and out of your comfort zone. Mentors see the gold in you and will unapologetically call out the gold. It has been said that a Mentor is someone who has paid a price for the breakthrough we didn’t know you needed until now!

Mentoring with Marianne (MWM) is this and so much more! MWM is prophetic mentoring with a heart for Holy Spirit to lead each session, to see you break through and reach your full potential in Christ. Our mentoring sessions are a safe space where you can be you and know that what you share will be kept sacred. Expect to be lovingly challenged and for your heart to be stirred!

Prayer is a big part of our mentoring sessions, both before and after the session. There will be an activation assignment for you to take away after each session and my heart is that you will spend time with God and continue to seek HIS heart after your mentoring session. My heart is to see you walk in and experience breakthrough and be able to move forward with Godfidence, clarity, peace and joy into what He has for you.

Our mentoring sessions are for those who are;

- open to Holy Spirit’s leading
- ready to journey with a faith-filled mentor
- willing for a mentor to speak into their life
- open to accountability
- willing to get uncomfortable and even lovingly challenged into the new
- willing to learn and grow through what they are going through
- committed to showing up and being present
- willing to do their activation assignment and follow through
- committed to staying the path for the duration of the mentoring journey
We offer Mentoring in the following areas;

Seasons, Rhythms & Routines - It is important to know what season you are in so that you can understand the rhythm of grace that God wants to bring you into for your season, and how to create a God-breathed routine that will steward well this season. Many women are not aware of the season they are in or how to steward what God has for them to steward in their new season. Many find themselves tired, weary, unknowingly fighting against the change and unable to find their feet. Let's discover the season you are in, identify the rhythm and routine God has for you so you can walk in the fullness and beauty of this season.

Journey & Breakthrough - Are you in a process of transition? Are you uncertain of the changes that is happening around you or within you? Would you like understanding, clarity and direction on where you are in your journey and where God is potentially leading you? Life can be frustrating and discouraging when we cannot identify where we are and where we are being led. Find peace and clarity with one of our 'Journey & Breakthrough' Mentoring sessions, no matter where you are on your journey. You don't have to journey alone!

Identity & Purpose - Do you need encouragement and clarity around a specific area in your identity and purpose? Are you seeking breakthrough or understanding of who you are becoming in this season or what God is calling you to step out into? Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward? Be encouraged and move forward in clarity with our 'Identity & Purpose' Mentoring session.

Kingdom Business - Are you a Kingdom Woman in Business who seeking a faith-filled Kingdom Mentor who is in business too? Are you tired of doing business the world's way and ready to shift into the ways of the Kingdom for your business? Book in one of our 'Kingdom Business' sessions to gain clarity, wisdom and insight for your business in this season! Whether it be a new business idea, growth strategies, branding and messaging, customer care or expansion of your business; together with Marianne seek God's heart for your business and all that He wants to do.

Details: For more information, please feel free to email us before booking in your sessions. There are a very limited number of Mentoring Sessions available each month. Afterpay & LayBuy is available. Once you have booked your Mentoring with Marianne session, you will receive an email with a questionnaire and link to our calendar to book in your date and time. If you don't receive your email, please check your junk or promotions email folder or contact us

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