Anointing Oils coming soon!!!

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We are so excited to share that in a few weeks, we will be stocking a special range of precious Anointing Oils from Israel.
Anointing Oils will include Queen Esther, Elijah, Light of Jerusalem and Myrrh Mira!
The Anointing Oil is made with extraordinary care, using only virgin olive oil acquired from the trees around Jerusalem, with strict attention to purity - leaving it free of any trace of residual after-scent. It is then blended with 90 different aromatic plants native to the mountains of Jerusalem.
In the footsteps of a biblical custom that goes back thousands of years, the anointing oil is now given to us.
Ancient chronicles show the great significance of oil in worship and dedication to our Creator. Only the purist olive extract was considered acceptable for use in anointing. This clear oil was then blended with sweet spices and solemnly poured on the priests and kings of Israel.
To be the first to know when the Anointing Oils are released please join our email list and we will keep you updated. There will be a limited number available for our first release! 

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