Surrender Butterfly Necklace

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Our Butterfly Charm Necklace is a part of our new Kairos Jewellery Collection and is available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

The butterfly represents many things to many people. The butterfly can represent a season in life of transformation, change, resurrection, rebirth, a new season, a time to spread your wings, a time to soar and even emergence of new life.

You can have your butterfly necklaces personalised or request a prophetic piece. On these three pieces we have the following special messages hand stamped;

🦋 She spread her wings and she soared above the mountains

🦋 She is a new creation in Christ, the old has gone and the new has come

🦋 He believed she could so she did, she spread her wings and flew

Remember transformation is a journey and it comes in seasons and layers. Just like the process of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, the caterpillar didn’t become a butterfly overnight. Each part of the process matters, more than we realise. Trust God, because ultimately He knows what He is doing.

There are parts of the process that is uncomfortable, painful and even requires death of self. In our own journeys of transformation, sometimes we never understand what is taking place but we must never forget that God is with us in every moment of that process.

You are not alone! Don’t give up, continue to allow God to work in you, to transform you. He’s got you!

What does the butterfly represent to you? 🦋

Our prayer is that as you wear and declare this special piece that you will be reminded that no matter how hard a season of transformation and change is, we are continuing to transform in the hands of our beautiful God.

Dimensions of whole necklace (including outer): 35mm Diameter, 2mm thickness, 4mm hand stamping area. 

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