Eve Bracelet Cuff

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Our Eve bracelet cuff is made of stainless steel and is available in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

Personalise your bracelet cuff with a scripture, numbers, a special message or a word. You can also request a prophetic piece where we can pray for a word and scripture for you and hand stamp this word or a message inspired by the scripture on your bracelet cuff. 

Have a special secret message or verse? We can handstamped it on the inside of your Eve bracelet so no one can see it but you! 


- 165mm Long x 6mm Wide x 1.5mm thick

- Every bracelet cuff has a small heart shape cut out 

- Available in silver, gold and rose gold

- Mirror shiny finish

- You can select one of the messages we have hand stamped in the photos

- Bracelet cuff can be gently and slowly closed and opened to fit your wrist comfortably

- Please note: Bracelet cuffs cannot be hand stamped on both sides


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