Taking the next step with Jesus (Special guest - Melissa Tsingano)

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We are so blessed to share a special blog written just for us by our special friend Melissa Tsingano. Melissa lives in Sydney and we met through Maximise Church. She is a passionate writer and worshipper and we have loved the conversations we have had with her and the wisdom and gold she shares! We pray your blessed with these special words.

Dear friends,
Matthew 4:4 in The Passion Translation says, “He [Jesus] answered, “The Scriptures say: Bread alone will not satisfy, but true life is found in every word, which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth.”

There are a few key points to take away from this scripture and we will look at them in stages. Jesus said, bread alone will not satisfy. When I read those words, I am reminded that we walk by faith and not by sight. We can see, touch and feel bread. Sometimes we get comfortable with what we can see, touch or feel. We base our decisions on the physical things, the logical things, the comfortable
things to do.

However, we cannot live on bread alone. We cannot live on what we can see with our natural eyes. We need to be guided and led by the Spirit of God, (Romans 8:14). “...we don’t focus our attention on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but the unseen realm is eternal,” 2 Corinthians 4:18. The things that are visible are temporal and the things that are unseen are more real than what we can see with our eyes. So, what we can see will not always be what’s best for us. We need to put our faith in the living God who sees into the unknown.

I like the next set of words, ...but true life is found in every word. These words indicate that you can have life outside of the word but true life is found in every word, not some words but every word that God speaks. True life is the life God intended for us to live. A life of communion, connection and fellowship with God. God’s words have the power to create, as we see in Genesis chapter 1. So, God
does not waste His words or use His words lightly, when He speaks His words have the power to change situations and bring direction and alignment to our lives. But we have a choice. We can obey the word of God or we can ignore it.
Hearing God speak is not always as dramatic as Saul being thrown off his horse, a booming voice coming from the sky and a blinding light hitting him in the eyes. It’s not always as extraordinary as the heavens being torn open, the Holy Spirit descending on us as a dove and a voice coming from heaven declaring God’s love for us as was the case with Jesus’ baptism. We know that Jesus did not
say or do anything unless He heard or saw the Father doing the same (John 5:19 and John 12:49).

Meaning, He was hearing from God throughout His ministry but only once did the heavens open up. Therefore, hearing God is by faith. It’s not always so clear cut or dramatic and obvious. More often than not it is subtle. It is listening to that still small voice that we usually coin as “something told me” or “I had this feeling”. It’s a learning process to fine tune our internal radio station so we can hear that voice more clearly and more frequently.

How often does God speak? As much as He needs to and as long as we will listen. Our verse says that true life is found in every word which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth. The key word there is constantly. Whatever situation we may find ourselves in, God has something to say about it. Whether it be starting that new business venture, changing careers, moving to a different company
or country, how to parent your kids or which church to be planted in... in all those things, God always has something to say if we will listen.
I’ve learnt to rely on the voice of God over the years. I have had multiple job offers; being offered more money, more flexibility, whatever it is they thought may catch my attention. I’ve had people strike up the nerve to call my office to try poach me to another firm- I think that’s just rude.

However, I also had the insight to listen to that small still voice, that no matter how legitimate the offer may have been, I had to be sure it was of God and from God before I made a move, before I set up the interview, before I gave it a second thought. We can’t rush the path to success, we must surrender our hopes, dreams and desires to God’s will and to God’s timing.

Sometimes we go too far and too long before involving God that it becomes so much harder to involve Him later on and harder to turn around from where we find ourselves. Involve God in every area of your life. Listen to His daily direction for your life and obey what He tells you to do. Nothing is ever too big or too small. If it matters to you, it matters to God. You get a call you are not sure
about, take it to God. Then listen to what He has to say and follow through with your obedience.

The life God has envisioned for us, is a life where we do not make life changing decisions without including God. We need to be listening in to what He has to say about whatever it is we are considering and we need to obey it. Obedience is key. It’s one thing to hear God, it’s another to put into action what He has spoken.

Love and blessings,
Melissa Tsingano

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