A Journey into the Father's Heart by Michelle Archbell

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Do you desire to take a journey deeper into the Heavenly Father's heart and discover that relationship that you have always desired to develop with Him ?

This is an intimate devotional that reaches out to you no matter where you are in your journey of life, one that you hold close to your soul and treasure the whispers from Father God's heart to yours.

It is an intimate journey with the Father where He is calling you to come deeper into His great heart of love.

The Father's desire is for you to be restored to Him and to know Him intimately. Listen to His whispers and allow Him to touch the deep places your heart.

A Journey into the Father's Heart is a 30 day Devotion that will take you into a deep place of intimacy with the Father. Allow Him to whisper to the depths of your heart in this season.


"Michelle's devotions are a heartfelt message from the Father to His beloved children. I was inspired reading them and there is no doubt Michelle has put her heart and soul onto its which makes it passionate reading. Michelle's enthusiasm, faith and commitment come through the passages and the devotion's motivational imperative is very strong. Her mention of the church being the Father's mouthpiece and trumpet to broadcast His Word to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying, has had a very personal message for me. 

As a fellow Christian and labourer in the Lord's great harvest, I thank the lord that Michelle has been obedient to share these devotions with the entire Body of Christ. From the bottom of my heart, I wish Michelle the very best as she steps into the next step of having these treasures published - Lizzie Levett (Author; Wrinkles on the Body of Christ, Church Overseer, Baale Miracle Centre Uganda, It's Written Ministries Uganda)

"I am forever grateful to Michelle for partnering with Father God in releasing His heart upon the earth. I believe that this beautiful 30 day devotion has been written for such a time as this and is true to the title - it truly is a journey into the Father's heart. 

I felt the whispers and the heart beat of the Father as I drank in each word. I truly felt the personal and tangible presence of Father God as I sat with the book in my hands, allowing every whisper to speak directly to my heart. There were many days where I bursted into tears receiving the Father's heart for me, allowing Him to speak life and truth over me. 
There were some days where I would read each word over and over and over again. And there were other days where His whispers would speak to the deepest and hidden parts of my heart. I didn't want to move, I wanted to remain in His presence and in His heart. 

This is not just a devotion. This is a heart transforming experience. As a believer who has been walking with the Lord for 9 years, it has only been the last 2 years that I have experienced intimacy with the Father. I realised that this is His heart for all of us and experiencing the Father's heart and love has completely changed my life in ways I can't even begin to explain. A Journey into the Father's Heart has taken me even deeper into the Father's heart and I have no words to express how grateful I am and how deeply I have been impacted. I am so blessed to have these precious words that I can drink every day. I encourage you to take in each word and know that this is truly the Father's heart for you. As Michelle encourages us, dare to take that journey deeper into His heart!" - Marianne Petersen, Kairos Creative Studio
"This book fell into my hands very unexpectedly, but the timing couldn’t have been more God. Each page is a download of his heart for us as his children, encouraging and reassuring us of his promises for our life and love for his sons and daughters. It has really touched me in so many ways, speaking life and building faith in every area. Not enough is spoken or written of the father heart of God, but this book is a must read!! Truly incredible in every way. Michelle has captured heavens vision beautifully" - Natasha Fong

- 30 Day Devotion
- Softcover
- 5x8 in, 13x20 cm
- 48 pages
- ISBN 9781715644659

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