The Deborah Conference

As Kingdom women, it is so important that we are in community and open to the divine kingdom collaborations that God brings into our lives. I have been so blessed to be a part of The Deborah Conference for two years heading into our third year this year! The first time I ever found out about The Deborah Conference was in 2018, I had just launched Kairos Creative Studio. I was 7 months pregnant due to give birth to my second son Ezra in just a matter of months. My hearts desire wanted so much to go to the conference which was being held in Melbourne that year but the dates of the conference was literally the week after I was due to give birth.

As a Kingdom woman who had just launched her business, I told myself that when The Deborah Conference was on again the following year I was going to buy a ticket and go! The following year, I went with my youngest son (yes, the one I had given birth to the year before), we flew to Perth to attend our first Deborah Conference.

I can't even begin to explain to you what it was like to sit in a room of kingdom women who were in business too, women who were leading and growing their businesses God's way! Every day women who love Jesus, who were raising families and a hearts desire to make an impact in their world. I was deeply impacted, inspired and encouraged! I met the most amazing women and it was such an honour to meet Maree.

The Deborah Conference is a global boutique conference founded in 2016 by beautiful Maree Cutler Naroba. Maree is a Dream Nurturer, Business Strategist, Writer and Child Protection Advocate to inspire Christian Women Entrepreneurs to live a business life of passionate pursuit and purpose wrapped in His presence.

I made a promise to myself that year that I would attend every Deborah Conference as a way to not only grow my kingdom business but to stay connected in a community of other kingdom women in business!
I am so honoured and humbled to share that in August 2022, I was appointed the Ambassador of The Deborah Conference. This is such a privilege and blessing to share this powerful mandate and mission that God has given to Maree. There is a Clarion Call: Arise Mighty Deborahs. Arise throughout the Nations.
If you are a Kingdom Woman in Business, have a God-idea or feel God is calling you to business then this is for YOU! It’s your time MIGHTY DEBORAH!
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Join us for the 2024 The Deborah Conference in Taupo, New Zealand
Beautiful Founder of The Deborah Conference, Maree Cutler-Naroba