For as long as I can remember, I have had a heart and passion for seeing women just like you walk in the fullness of their identity and purpose, to see God restore identity and release purpose. For almost a decade there has been such a stirring in my heart to step out in mentoring and offer 1:1 and group mentoring, faith-based personal development courses and challenges. 
My 1:1 'Mentoring with Marianne' Sessions are personal and Holy Spirit led. These sessions are for women who need clarity in their journey and someone to unpack and process with. Sessions include but are not limited to the following areas;
  • Seasons, Rhythms & Routines
  • Journey & Breakthrough
  • Identity & Purpose
  • Kingdom Business 
My Signature Courses are a safe space to journey over 6-8 weeks in an intimate group and grow deeper in God. These signature courses are 'Discover your Divine Design' and 'Selah Living' (with a Prophetic Course coming in 2022!)
My Signature Challenges are an intense but fun time of pouring out and activation. These signature challenges include 'The 5 Day Reset' and 'She Walks with Vision' (with 'She Pioneers coming in 2022!)
The word 'Kairos' means so much to me for many reasons and the word kairos actually means the right or opportune moment. In the New Testament it means the appointed time in the purpose of God. God has shown me the beautiful bridge between Kairos Creative Studio to Her Harvest Global Academy for those who sense that their kairos time has come to take that leap of faith to build and launch with God!
Have you ever asked yourself these questions: 
How do I know this is God calling me?
How do I know if this is God's will for my life?
What could I do with what is in my hands?
How do I steward what God has placed in my heart?
How do I take the first step?
What is the first step? 
Who will support me or believe in me? 
As someone who has experienced crippling fear and the voice of doubt and uncertainty, so much so, that it has stopped me countless times from stepping into all that God had for me (for MANY years!), I can tell you I truly know how it feels and I understand it's not an easy place to be in.
I am beyond grateful that God has taught me over the past 10 years how to listen to His voice, how to discern what He is saying and discern His timing, He has taught me how to take a leap of faith holding onto nothing but His promises!!
My God-given call is to activate, mentor and mobilise women of faith in their identity and purpose, to help women build and launch their kingdom businesses, movements and ministries.
If you are in a season where God is leading you to the next part of your journey, I would love to journey with you! I would love to hear your story and to know more about you and what it is that God has placed on your heart. I am so excited for all that God has planned for you in this season. You are called for such a time as this, chosen to step forward in faith because God has placed something VERY special and unique in your heart, something that only YOU carry, something that our world needs!
It would be an absolute honour to journey with you and be there each and every step of the way!
Our mentoring sessions are quite unique in that they are 'encounter-based'. It is very important for me as a Kingdom Mentor to have God in the centre of our sessions and that we are seeking God and aligning every step to the plans and purposes He has for your life. Encounter-based mentoring means we ask the Holy Spirit to be present and lead us in our sessions. Mentoring sessions will also involve prayer and be conversational, and overall being Holy Spirit led.
Mentoring is a partnership. It isn't one-sided as some may think, where it is expected that the mentor will tell you what to do. 
As a Kingdom Mentor, my heart is to partner with you, as you partner with God in walking out His plans for you. My heart is to support, encourage, cheer and champion you on in your journey with God. To see our current courses or to book in your mentoring session, please click HERE


TESTIMONY BY MICHELLE: I met Marianne during the 5 Day Reset Challenge that she was running. I was drawn to Marianne because she carries the heart of the Father. After the 5 Day Reset, during a call with Marianne, she shared what Father God had shown her for me , which confirmed what was always deep in my heart.

Marianne walked beside me as I birthed this God- dream that He has placed in my heart long ago, to write my first book “A Journey into the Father’s Heart”
As we journeyed together, we laughed and cried, and walked in faith believing that our Father would fulfil what He had spoken. What I value in Marianne, is that she carries the heart of Father God, for His plans and purposes to be brought forth in Kingdom women.
I value her integrity and walking in love, generosity, honesty and kindness to see women rise up in the fullness of what God has called them into.
Thank You Marianne for walking beside me and believing in me for the Fathers dreams to be birthed through me. You are truly a Kingdom warrior and Mentor, “called for such a time as this”, whom I can truly recommend from my heart.
Michelle A (Gold Coast, Australia)


TESTIMONY BY FILI: My Testimony from being apart of the Discover Your Divine Design Course. You see, I thought I knew who I was as a daughter of the King but my gosh His grace and love allowed me to partake in what was a life-changing 8 weeks, journeying with other women in the DYDD Season 2 collective.

I had countless breakthroughs during this time, a major one being FINALLY understanding why He blessed me with my little Sitivi (aswell as his older sisters). He showed me how I was wired, how HE intricately made me before I was even conceived, He highlighted why I was given my birth name and He so kindly was piecing it all together for me. He revealed things in me I needed to heal from and surrender to Him and not once in the 8 weeks did I ever feel alone because of the women in the collective that came together weekly, that shared vulnerably and were so transparent and I really could feel the Holy Spirit move in the midst of it all. I just want to take the time to honour you sister Marianne for how you held space for us, for allowing Holy Spirit to move in and through you.
This course has been an EXPERIENCE ! One that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am finally embracing WHO I am, in all of my God-given beauty, character, magnificence and Being - embracing who the Father destined me to be. Thank you again Marianne for the mentor that you are ! With love, Fili T (Auckland, NZ)


TESTIMONY BY MALAEA: DYDD was literally an answered prayer. I came expectant but not sure what God was going to do. But God showed up and moved mightily in my heart and revealed things I never knew were there to begin with. Holy Spirit revealed to me through a memory of when rejection first found its way into my heart. It was when I was 7 and my parents had told me I was not planned, that i was the ‘oppps baby’. The lies of the enemy were broken off of me after reading Psalms 139, sitting with Holy Spirit and truly taking to heart that God already knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb.

He also brought me to a place of forgiveness that needed to happen within myself. and forgiving the past hurts.  Passions and dreams that had been dulled down and pushed aside due to the lack of belief and negative words spoken over them were re-ignited.

After 8 weeks I was delivered, set free and healed from mindsets, ideas and habits that I had built my identity on. My identity comes from Christ, No One but Him alone. My Identity is not defined and founded on who my family, friends and those around me say I am, but on who God says I am. I can be bold and unashamed of who I am in Christ because of the way God uniquely created me. With a heart full of gratitude and love, Malaea S (Auckland, NZ)


TESTIMONY FROM DONNA: I wanted to thank you for the last transition 5 day challenge you done.  It blessed me and kept me sane in my cocoon or transition period that I knew I was in but couldnt identify how to cope until I done that 5 day challenge quietly on your FB lives. Donna S (Melbourne, Australia)


TESTIMONY FROM LAURA: When I first heard of the Discover Your Divine Design course something leapt within my spirit. I wanted to be part of it but I didn’t know if it was for me or not. I thought that I had already heard teachings on these topics so I probably didn’t need them again. And that in a course with limited numbers, I shouldn’t take up a space that someone else could have.  

I am so glad that God had a different idea! I am so glad that He made it abundantly clear that I should be part of this season of the DYDD course.

If you asked me at the beginning what I expected from these weeks, I’m not sure I really had any great expectations. Yes, I wanted to learn more about the way God had uniquely designed me. I wanted to become more confident and comfortable in who I am. I wanted what the other women had. The ones in the testimonials that stated they were now living life unapologetically being themselves, confident in the unique way that God had created them.

I wanted all those things; I was open to all those things. But honestly, I’m not sure how much I expected it to really happen.

How wonderfully wrong I was! How naïve to think that God would not use these 8 weeks to completely transform my thinking! God can work absolute wonders with an open and willing heart and I can confidently say that I am proof of that.   

I look back now and can barely recognise the way I used to think and act.

I was always so unsure, never wanting to stand out, not wanting to be in the way. So uncertain about taking up space that might be meant for someone else.  Afraid to speak up because I didn’t think that I had anything to say that others would ever need or want to hear. I wanted to please others and avoid conflict so I got used to not sharing my thoughts. But because of all this, I lost sight of the precious and important daughter God created me to be.

After finishing these 8 weeks, I feel like God has reset me.  It has been a season of breaking off lies of the enemy that held me trapped, tied down and quiet for years. It has been a season of going deeper and learning more. A season where God is unlocking giftings and dreams that have laid dormant for too long.

During each of the activation assignments, Holy Spirit has spoken so clearly and deeply into my heart! Some days it would come all at once with such clarity and speed. Other weeks it meant having to constantly go back and sit with Holy Spirit, asking for understanding. Continuing to press in and persevere until the lies fell away and the truth of what he was whispering became clear.

What I found was that God never denies his daughters who come with a true desire to lean into him and learn. He wants to teach us. He wants us to grow closer to him. He wants us to know who we are and why he created us. And even if you think you already know this. He wants to take you deeper in your understanding! He wants you to see the intricacies of his purposes.

This course was an opportunity to do this. A reminder that God sees these things as important -for you to take time to fully understand who you are and why you were created. Because it is with this knowledge that you can step confidently and boldly into the places where God has called you. Knowing that you have been designed and created for this specific purpose and God had planned this for you from the beginning! That your personality, values, talents, dreams and giftings all make sense because they were perfectly orchestrated by the Creator of the universe so that you could walk out intentionally in the specific plans he has for you.  

The community that was created through this course has been such a blessing. Not only through our discussions on zoom but also in the Facebook group. Marianne created such a safe community which meant we were able to get to know each other and be vulnerable and real with what we were going through and learning. It was a group of women who were able to encourage and speak words of life over each other. A group who we could reach out to for prayer. A group where deep friendships were formed where we otherwise may never have had the chance to meet!

And Marianne, as the facilitator of this course, will go above and beyond your expectations! She cares and loves us all with such gentleness, making sure that everyone feels seen and knows that they belong here. She willingly gives you her time and listens as you process what God is revealing to you. There is a kindness and safety about her but there she is also to push you and challenge you as required. When Marianne teaches she comes alive with her passion! She speaks with a boldness and authority that can only come from the Holy Spirit! You can tell that every class that she teaches is planned and prepared with Holy Spirit as she seeks the Father’s heart for what he wants to say to his daughters at that time.

They say that you can tell if God is in something by the fruit that it produces. God was definitely in this course! You can not deny the fruit that we have all seen! The women who are literally glowing and have such a lightness about them because of what God has done over the last 8 weeks!

I know personally that I can not deny what God has done in my life over the past weeks, and why would I want to! He has radically transformed my thinking and grown my faith. He has given me an inner joy that I can not explain but for God! Right now, there is no way that you could convince me that God didn’t create me with intentionality to fulfil the purposes he planned for me! I have seen the lies fall away. I have heard him speak words of truth. He has shown me why he made me the way I am and given me glimpses of what the future will look like as I continue to walk closely with him.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this group of women who journeyed through this season of DYDD! It has been a marker moment in my life. One I will look back on throughout my life and remember that God did a significant work in me during these months. Laura, B (Melbourne, Victoria)


TESTIMONY FROM CHEREE: When I began DYDD Jesus had birthed a ministry within me, a kingdom business, but I wasn't 100% confident in God's vision for this and I came to realise my identity in Christ was shaken. God led me to DYDD, I wasn’t sure why at the time but I knew that I had to do this course with Marianne. After our first session with Marianne, the Holy Spirit moved within me at a deeper level and hidden within me was a lack of love I had for myself. I cried for what felt like a week at the realisation of how God had created me, and the deep love He has for me.

DYDD with Marianne propelled me into my identity in Christ, my identity does not come from my culture, the people around me nor does it come from my family, I can confidently say that my Identity is found in Jesus. I am absolutely amazed at how, in only 6 weeks, God has healed me and transformed me into the woman of God He has created me to be. I have clarity now for God’s vision for my Kingdom business and I feel so confident in my Identity in Jesus. Thank you, Marianne, for sharing God’s heart, your God's tools, for your wisdom, your heart for women and above all, thank you for your YES!

I highly recommend DYDD to any Sisters who want to feel secure and grounded in their Identity in Christ and who want to go into a deeper intimacy with our Father God. Cheree, M (Brisbane, Australia)


TESTIMONY FROM MONEESHA: The DYDD course was amazing! Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that God was calling me to be mentored after what has been my most challenging year yet. Looking back, I can remember feeling lost, depressed & empty prior to starting this course. I remember meeting new people & speaking to them with emptiness & sadness. There was no joy in my voice or demeanour. I would go home & tell my husband how bad I felt meeting a lovely person but not being able to feel the joy & positivity they had when they spoke to me.

I learnt so much during the course - my core values, passions, spiritual gifts & how they all work together to make us who we are, who God uniquely designed us to be. It’s funny because I could name all my values, passions, spiritual gifts when prompted but I had forgotten all those things. I also didn’t realise that they are all intertwined to make up our unique design. Our weekly assignments really helped me get to the core of who I am & to love & appreciate who God made me to be. I can honestly say that I’ve completed the course feeling like my cup is full. Full of love & joy for life! I know this is only the start & it’s up to me to keep working on strengthening my relationship with God. But I’m so excited now to see what God has in store for me.
Thank you Marianne! This course was incredible & I‘m so grateful for your passion to teach women how to discover their identity in Christ & unique design! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, wisdom & for praying & loving on us the way you do! Moneesha S (Gold Coast, Australia)


TESTIMONY BY MICHELLE-ANNA: For the past 6 weeks I have been journeying with these beautiful women of God discovering our identity in Christ, Core Values, Passions, Spiritual Gifts and Purpose. I am going to miss our Zoom meetings so much. This program has helped me heal from my past, strengthen who I am as a Woman of God and hold God's hand as He guides me in the future and the purpose of my beautiful life here on earth. Honestly everyone needs a mentor and thanks to this beautiful sister for journeying by my side. I have learnt so much about myself and to unapologetically be me. Michelle-Anna W (Brisbane, Australia) 

TESTIMONY BY ASH: I feel like the course that we’re doing should honestly be the stepping stone for anyone who is hungry and in desperate need for him, this course is the key to unlocking the past, present and future, Ash (Gold Coast, Australia)


TESTIMONY BY MICHELLE: Mentoring with Marianne, where do I even begin? Well first of all I'm honoured to have her as my mentor, friend. I was interested in mentoring earlier this year, but never felt ready. Until May 2020, I took a leap of faith and signed up for an initial session with Marianne. I had no idea what to expect but I knew that the plans God had for my life were brewing from the inside, and I needed to start. Here comes Marianne, and from the beginning I knew her heart to mobilise and mentor Women of faith was evident in the way she speaks, in the way she leads with truth, with steadfast love and hope in the One who created her. I am thankful for her ability to bring forth that desire to pursue the things God has placed in my life.

I appreciate the way she encourages me with all my crazy God dreams, and shares in joy and excitement with me. She not just shares in excitement, but grounds me to speak truth, and to see it for what it truly is. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, but does so in love. Marianne is tenacious, and has Crazy faith and unshakeable belief in God's plans and purposes over our lives. Super blessed and honoured to have been mentored by you, and I look forward to continuing that in the future too, with many more God dreams to achieve” - Michelle Motunuu, Owner of Michelle Motunuu VA business