Jewellery Care & Information

Our jewellery pieces are made of stainless steel for the exception of our thin, thick and extra thick bracelet cuffs which are made of aluminium. We care about your pieces not only as we are handcrafting them but also long after they have left our hands. Here is some information on what our jewellery pieces are made of and how you can take care of them.

Stainless Steel Jewellery pieces:

Our stainless steel is made of the highest jewellery grade 316. Stainless steel is extremely strong and durable. It does not tarnish, corrode (will never go black) and will not discolour your skin. It is a hypo allergenic, making it perfect for those with skin irritations and allergies. Stainless Steel can be Ion Plated in Gold or Rose Gold and polished to a high shine.

The process used is for our Gold and Rose Gold products is IP Plating (Ion plating). The center of the circle is Stainless Steel followed by a layer of titanium nitride used as a bonding agent, finished with a layer of 18ct gold or rose gold, all fused together to produce a harder and more durable coating with a higher brightness than that produced through traditional plating methods.

It is really hard to determine a specific length of wear for plating as it will depend on the condition of use. However the plating method that our pieces use is quite advanced and is designed not to rub away quickly.

If there is high exposure to rubbing there can possibly be some wearing, this could happen when one bracelet is worn with another or wearing jewellery during heavy duties like cleaning, rubbing against a desk at work, etc. Contact with harsh chemicals like aero guards or cleaning products could cause fading or chemical reactions as some chemicals which seem harmless contain hidden stripping agents in them. However, the plating will never chip like other methods of plating and it will never turn green.

A piece may start to look dull due to natural body oil, dirt, grime and acidic residue build up over time. We do recommend cleaning your piece as often as you can and when you are not wearing it, keeping it in a piece of jewellery cloth or jewellery box/bag. When cleaning stainless steel jewellery there is no need to use chemicals. You can simply wash your pieces in some water or in the shower and dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth.

Aluminium pieces: 

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that will not tarnish, rust, or turn your skin green. Be sure to keep your aluminum jewellery away from corrosive chemicals to prevent your jewelry from oxidizing and losing luster. Take off your aluminium bracelets while cleaning or doing other tasks that involve water and chemicals. Be aware that the darkened stamped areas can fade if your jewellery is worn while swimming, showering, washing dishes etc.

Adjusting your bracelet cuffs:

Please read the following information before making any adjustments to your aluminium and stainless steel bracelet cuffs.

Many bracelet cuffs are adjustable thanks to the properties of metal in general. They can be opened or closed up to about a 1/4 inch larger or smaller. Please do not put your bracelet cuff on your wrist and squeeze it. Squeezing the cuff puts all of the stress on the center of the bracelet and can weaken it. 

Here's how to adjust your bracelet cuff:

1. Place your bracelet cuff onto your wrist

2. Make the letter 'C' with your other hand and slowly begin to close your bracelet cuff around your wrist. We recommend you bend gently and adjust a little at a time to your desired fit. Remember, our aluminium bracelet cuffs are easier to adjust than our stainless steel bracelet cuffs.

* Jewellery Cloths are available to purchase with your jewellery piece *